Afflictions Go, Baby Comes

“He sent His word, and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions” – Psalm 107:20.

“Chinedu Enemchukwu is her name. After her marriage, she was blessed with a baby within one year. Three other babies came after the first one, but she lost them all. A member of a Pentecostal church, her faith at some point went down to the extent that she later stopped going to church services. But later, she was introduced to the Watchman Fellowship Centre, Okoko, in Lagos, where she began to attend and rededicated her life to God. Soon after, prayers were made for her, and God rolled away the several life-threatening diseases that had afflicted her in the course of time and gave her a miracle baby who is growing and bouncing today. Her joy knew no bounds as she shared her testimony:

“I AM here today to testify to the glory of God how He delivered me from a series of afflictions and gave me this miracle baby. It happened that I gave birth to a baby the same year I got married. I was very happy and never imagined that there might be any trouble ahead. Shortly after that first delivery, God blessed me again. I had three more children but they all died shortly after they were born. After those experiences, I made a covenant with God that I would be preaching the gospel message in season and out of season and that what I wanted in return was for God to help me prevail and overcome this trouble of losing of my children, so that anyone I gave birth to again will remain. After that covenant, the Lord opened my eyes to a place in the Bible where it says, if one repents in truth and in spirit that He would restore the years that the locusts had eaten…(Joel 2:25). Later I told my husband what the Lord had revealed to me and that the Lord wanted me to stage a come-back to my spiritual activities.
Before I got married, I was happily serving and working for the Lord in a Pentecostal Church, but because my husband was not there with me, I later backslid to the point that I was not attending church services any more. But after sometime, I decided to join the Watchman and started attending church services in this Okoko parish. Initially, I was coming, but I was not regular. But soon, my husband and I made up our minds to serve God, and we began to attend meetings here in Okoko parish. During one of the fellowships, the pastor implored us to make a joyful noise unto the Lord and proclaimed that the higher our voices, the quicker our miracles. I shouted on top of my voice and I noticed a sharp pain on the left side of my waist which gave me some concern. It was so worrisome that I went for scan later and I was informed that I had kidney enlargement and ovarian cyst. I informed my husband about the result of the scan and he suggested that I should go to the hospital for treatment. I went back after some days and it was discovered after some examinations that the problem was not only there, but the ovarian cyst had bloated in size.
I was referred to a General Hospital where after some examinations, I was told it would require surgical intervention and was referred to the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), Idi-Araba. After further medical tests, I was advised to get ready fast for surgery because the ovarian cyst was growing at an alarming proportion and could lead to cancer. In my mind I didn’t want to go for any more operations because I have had it on two occasions. I discussed it with my husband and we wondered why I should undergo a third operation. His response was that we should believe God. However, I was going for checkups from time to time. During one of such visits they asked me some questions and I told them I was having pains on the left side of my waist. They wrote something down on my folder and when I went for the next appointment, I was surprised that they couldn’t locate my folder anymore.
They had earlier told me I had pneumonia, hotness of the womb and kidney stone. Any time they checked my blood pressure (BP), they would tell me it was high and would ask me whether I was thinking much. My usual response to their query was that all that they had discovered that were wrong in my body were enough to weigh someone down and cause the person to be worried. I was placed on some drugs to control my blood pressure. All the period I went for the checkups, they kept saying they were yet to find my case file. Out of frustration, I told my husband I wasn’t going to the hospital again.
During one of the fellowship days, a brother testified how he was delivered from kidney problems and immediately after the fellowship, my husband and I went to him to ask where he had gone for his treatment. He directed us to a hospital at FESTAC and we went there. Some tests were also conducted there and the results showed that the right side kidney had also been affected. They suggested an urgent operation and I was afraid because in most of my dreams, I would see myself communicating with the dead. In such dreams they would be asking me when would I come over. So when I later met our pastor, I told him all about my case and showed him the results of the various medical tests. Surprisingly, he laughed. Then he prayed that God should take away all the catalogues of sicknesses and give me baby boys. Brethren, the product of that prayer is this miracle baby I am carrying here today. The Lord also set me free from all the life-threatening diseases that had attacked my body. I want to lift up my voice in praise unto the Lord for His divine visitation. He delivered me from life-threatening diseases and gave me a miracle baby. Praise His holy name!”

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