After Nine Years, Our Baby Came!

Theodore and Kelechi Nnagbo are members of the Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement, Ijesha Parish in Surulere District, Lagos. For nine years, this couple waited and continued to believe God for the fruit of the womb. On a number of occasions, they were called out from the congregation by the pastor in the course of ministrations and prayed for. Several strategic and reassuring proclamations were also made from the pulpit concerning their situation. They were regularly assured that God would visit them. When they sought medical opinion about their condition, doctors told them that there was nothing wrong with them. And as the years came and went, they continued to trust in the Lord for their expected miracle. Eventually, their patience was rewarded as Mrs. Nnagbo took in and was delivered of a baby boy in the ninth year of their marriage. Testifying at the Watchman Fellowship Centre, Aguda, Surulere, amidst loud cheers and clapping from the jubilant and appreciative congregation, Theodore Nnagbo could not hide his joy and gratitude to God for visiting them, as he marched out with a beautiful song of praise to the Lord.
His testimony:

“PRAISE the Lord, brethren! I want to kneel before the God of Watchman in appreciation of what He has done in my family. God is faithful. He answers prayers. I am standing before you all this day to testify about how the God of the Watchman broke the yoke of delayed conception in my family. Of course, we know that there is no barrenness in the midst of the children of God. God has shown Himself mighty by removing the reproach that had lasted for about nine years in my family.
My wife and I were married in November 2004 and our expectation was high that we would soon embrace a child. After waiting for some period and there was no sign of conception, we decided to go for medical examination. We spent a lot of money exploring that option but nothing came out of it. But several prophecies and revelations continued to come from the Watchman pulpit of many colours assuring us that God would grant us our heart’s desire. A number of times our district pastor would be led to call us out and make prophetic proclamations on our situation to the effect that God would surely bless us. We continued to believe the Lord for our miracle, and today, we have all seen the outcome.
One particular night, I said to my wife that we had tried everything humanly possible and doctors had even given us a clean bill of health, yet, the expected conception is yet to happen. I then told her that my decision was that we should wait for God’s time and not rely on any medical solution. During those years too, concerned people came and gave us different kinds of suggestion on how to get a solution. Though I appreciated their concerns, I politely told them not to bother that I knew that my God would visit us at His own time. My mother even once asked us: when would this expected thing happen? I told her, very soon.
But today, I wish to announce to the Church that that my God has done it. One morning in November 2012, my wife came excitedly to tell me some things she had observed and what they meant. I told her to go for a laboratory test for a confirmation. And when she went and the pregnancy test was conducted, she was told that the result was positive – she had conceived! When I returned home that day, she showed me the result of the test which brought smiles to my face. We expressed joy and watched with keen interest as her tummy developed progressively until she gave birth to a bouncing baby boy on Friday, June 28, 2013. She delivered without too much stress. Right now my status has changed and I am now a fulfilled person. At a certain point, I made an argument with the Lord that a family is made up of father, mother and children but behold, Lord, in my family, there is the father, and the mother, but where are the children? Today, the Lord has added a child with the birth of this baby to make us a complete family. Brethren, I am happy, so rejoice with me as we give thanks unto the Lord. Praise the Lord”.

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