‘Akpeteshe’ Addict Delivered In Ghana

“I am a wonder unto many; but thou art my refuge”  Psalm 71:7.

MY name is John Owusu and I worship at Nyankumasi Parish of the Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement, Ghana. I am testifying to the glory of God of my salvation. I am indeed very grateful to God for what He has done in my life. Before now, I was addicted to the locally made gin popularly called Akpeteshe.

In Akrampa, where I live, if you ask any person about me, you are likely to hear: ‘Oh, that drunkard!’ It was as bad as that because I had an insatiable appetite for the local gin and I became very popular in the vicinity because of the attendant vices that go with such an addiction.


However, the journey to my deliverance came one day while I was on a drinking spree. I went to a house very close to the Watchman Fellowship Centre to buy the drink as usual but then the church was in session. As I was about to gulp down the drink, the message that blared from the speaker was like a sword that was pointed directly at me.

Meanwhile, I was holding a cup full of the local gin and I was in-between two opinions, whether to drink it or not. However, the devil behind it took the better part of me and without much ado, I gulped it down and left.

The next time I went there for the same purpose, the message I heard during the previous visit echoed in my ears and pricked my conscience.

I returned home quietly without taking a shot that day and x-rayed my life over and over again until I concluded that I was going to worship at the church.

I attended the Sunday service thereafter and stayed behind after the fellowship to see the pastor who counseled me, prayed for me and led me to Christ.

I am now saved and attend church now with my family members. I don’t have appetite for the gin or any other alcoholic drink for that matter any more. Praise the Lord!”

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