Blessed With Child After Eight Miscarriages In Five Years

“And Sarah said, God hath made me to laugh, so that all that hear will laugh with me.” – Genesis 21:6.

“WATCHMEN, praise the Lord! My name is Nwachukwu Happiness Chiedoziem and I worship at the Ijegun Parish of the Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement, Lagos Archdiocese. I want to use this testimony to glorify the name of the Lord for giving me victory over the several miscarriages that troubled my life for quite a number of years. I got married to my husband in December 2007 and not quite long after, I took in. But the joy was short-lived as I had a miscarriage, which was painful. If I thought that would be the end of such a misfortune, I was terribly mistaken. In fact, within five years, I had eight miscarriages. In 2010, I had an ectopic pregnancy which led to an operation that almost took my life. I became so badly affected that each time the miscarriages repeated, I chose not to disclose it. But my pastors and a few brethren were aware and slated several vigils to intercede on my behalf that God would intervene to put a stop to the miscarriages.
This was the situation I was in until after the Easter Retreat of April 2012 when I approached my pastor for counselling. After listening to me, he advised that I should see the Bariga District Pastor who, in turn, took me to the Diocesan Pastor after listening to me. Brethren, I never knew that this was how God had programmed to address my problem. The Diocesan Pastor asked me to come back after about two months, precisely on Friday, June 1, 2012. I kept the appointment and on that day he prayed for me and made the following declaration: “In two months’ time, you will conceive and the pregnancy would remain and mature, and in nine months’ time, you will carry the baby in your arms!”
Sometime in August 2012, I went to the hospital after a brief period of sickness. When the district pastor was informed, he came with some brethren and prayed for me. And while praying, he made some strategic statements. Before they left, he assured me of God’s intervention, and my faith was boosted.
Later, the doctor asked me to go for a scan and there it was discovered that I was over two months’ pregnant! Though I was happy at the cheering news, the sickness did not abate and it was decided that I should go for another scan. I was shocked when it was said after the scan that the pregnancy was no more there and that I should prepare for evacuation. Of course, I was not comfortable with that result, especially, as I immediately recalled the declaration of the Diocesan Pastor and the prayers of my pastor. So, I vehemently opposed the idea. During that period, prayers were going up on my behalf at several places. A week later, I went for another scan and the result was heart-warming. The man said to me, ‘madam, you are fine and your baby is fine’.
Brethren, I want to thank God especially because of the hospital I was taken to. The doctor was very patient with me and concluded that he would monitor the situation when I refused the evacuation. He listened to the advice of my pastors and cooperated fully with them on some decisions. In spite of my ‘stubbornness’ and physical condition, he patiently monitored my progress and I knew it was God in action and even when I demanded to be discharged, he obliged me. The brethren did not abandon me but continued to pray for me. I want to thank all of them for their support; both in cash and in kind; may God reward them all in Jesus’ name.
The enemy, not willing to accept defeat, kept fighting from all fronts throughout the period of the pregnancy. It was one sickness or the other until I was due for delivery. I called the Diocesan Pastor and he asked me to see him in his office where he prayed for me. He counselled and assured me that I would be alive to carry my baby. A day after my Expected Date of Delivery (EDD), I came out alive with a bouncing baby boy. I give God all the glory! The Bible says in Proverbs 19:21, “There are many devices in a man’s heart; nevertheless the counsel of the Lord, that shall stand”. I want to use this opportunity to say special thanks to my beloved husband, who never got tired of me for as long as it lasted. Today, by the special grace of God, I am carrying my baby as declared by His servant, my Diocesan Pastor, whose prophecy was exact and fulfilled, praise the Lord”.

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