Saved From Terrible Accident

 “Who is he that saith, and it cometh to pass, when the Lord commandeth it not?” Lamentations 3:37

One year after God delivered them from a very terrible motor accident on Ikorodu Road in Lagos, Evangelyn Azuogu and Esther Raphael, of the Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement, Bode Thomas Parish in Surulere District, Lagos, were joined by their families, friends and well-wishers at a special Thanksgiving service to show appreciation to God for saving their lives from an accident that could have been fatal, but for God’s intervention. What the dizzying account of these two mothers should demonstrate is that our lives are in God’s hands, and that neither man nor devil can terminate any life unless God gives approval. This should create faith in every believer and sack any fear lurking somewhere in any mind. Charismatic Signs was at the Thanksgiving service and this is their testimony as shared before the thoroughly moved congregation by one of them, Mrs. Azuogu:

“PRAISE the Lord! We have come here today to appreciate and thank God for His mighty deliverance upon our lives exactly a year ago.
It was on January 28, 2012, that we had a very terrible accident that would have taken us to the grave had God not said “No!” We were returning from the Mile 12 Market on that fateful Saturday evening with the intention of quickly dropping the things we had purchased and rushing off to the church to join the brethren for the conclusion of the first fruit fasting exercise of the Surulere district last year. On our way back, the bus we boarded had a little interruption from the LASMA officials at Ojota after which the driver sped off. Though the passengers were shouting at the driver to take it easy, we were a bit relaxed because we were aiming at getting home early, but little did we know there was an impending danger. All of a sudden the vehicle began to swerve from one side of the road to the other. Frightened, virtually everybody in the bus began to shout the name of Jesus. I personally was waiting to see the vehicle stop swerving and then, park, but that was not to be. Suddenly I saw the bus being raised up. At this point, and without suspecting any danger, I just said in my heart, is this how a vehicle somersaults? That was the last thing I knew until I heard the sound of my head as it hit on the tarred road. In fact, I thought that my head had broken. I quickly touched my head but there was no blood. I sat up and then began to hear cries everywhere. I also saw blood on other passengers.
What happened was that the bus had somersaulted several times, as I was later told, and in the process, its rear door that covers the booth was flung open and since I was sitting at the back, I was thrown out of the vehicle to land on the usually very busy expressway. On her part, Sister Esther was in the bus until it finally stopped somersaulting. By this time, it had jumped across the demarcation in the middle of the expressway and landed on the other lane for on-coming vehicles, as if to return to Ojota. In fact, she was the last person to come out from the bus but as God would have it, she only sustained minor bruises. When she came out, she walked up to where I was and shockingly asked, ‘are you alive’? And I replied, yes. Still not certain about the exact condition of my body, I asked her whether I was bleeding from my head. After examining my head she said there was no bleeding. That was how God graciously saved us from what could have been an untimely death a year ago.
In fact, God so did it that all the x-rays carried out did not show any problem anywhere in the body system from our heads to our toes and for the past one year now, no ailment has been recorded as a result of the accident except for occasional pains. Praise the Lord”!

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